“Fliss” Felicity Thisbe St. John-Forsyte

A wealthy socialite always looking for new diversions.


Fliss is 27 years old, 5 foot 10 inches with a slim build, immaculately styled blonde hair, a handsome profile and green eyes. She wears the latest styles which are often gifted to her by the designers themselves due to her position in society and bearing. Although appearing flippant and shallow on the surface, she is actually fiercely intelligent and analytical with a prodigious memory.


Felicity Thisbe St. John-Forsyte known as “Fliss” lost her parents at the age of 2 and was raised at Badminton House in Gloucestershire under the guardianship of Captain Henry Somerset Duke of Beaufort. Although the Duke had three children of a similar age Fliss did not get along with any of them and had no interest in the countryside. Her mischievous and headstrong nature lead the Duke to send her to Northwood College on the outskirts of London where she boarded almost constantly from age 9 until she graduated at age 18. Fliss was not academically inclined but would often develop a passionate interest in a subject before casting it aside a few weeks later, though she did have a natural talent for languages and was fluent in French, Italian and German with passable Russian by the time she left Northwood. Upon leaving Northwood she became a companion to her great aunt Lady Osborne, who although elderly was still a frequent fixture on the London social scene. Fliss herself was quite the hit among the London elite so she spent her late teens and early twenties taking part in the many diversions offered. When she was 23 Lady Osborne died of old age and left her entire estate to Fliss, she had received her inheritance from her parents at 21, so now very rich and aggrieved by her Great Aunts passing she decided to travel. She made her way through Europe and the East until she finally arrived on the West Coast of America. Having sampled everything California’s social scene had to offer she decided to travel to the Eastern states in search of new diversions.

“Fliss” Felicity Thisbe St. John-Forsyte

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