Albert Andrews

An astute and charasmatic adademic. The natural leader of the group.


Professor Andrews stands at 6’ 2", and has a gentle and warm manner, often befriending strangers with his disarming nature and humour. He is often seen wearing his standard work clothes which can sometimes be slightly disheveled due to the long hours spend pouring over his lecture notes and grading papers. His is always seen walking with his trusty cane.


Professor of Psychology at Providence University. He was an avid outdoors man and college athlete in his youth but tragically his physical capabilities were badly eroded by a skying accident that broke his leg. The leg set badly which means the professor can no longer run and requires the aid of a walking stick to move around. The professor became more cerebral as a result of his physical limitations and today leads the way in psychological research. He is a humanitarian and seeks to better mankind. He also likes a mystery.

Albert has recently survived the adventure at the plantation – and came perilously close to death. Fortunately he did not suffer any life changing injuries and managed to hang onto life through a combination of luck and a common sense approach. He has now had his first encounter with the awful powers of the Cthulhu mythos and is stronger and wiser for the experience.

Albert Andrews

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