Mansions of Madness

The Sanatorium - Part 2

The thin veil of sanity begins to tear


The group spends a few moments dithering about lights and locked doors before finding the bottle to venture outside. They decide to postpone visiting the generator and opt for checking up on Ebenezer down at the jetty. Upon arriving there they find the old sailor brutally murdered (they recover an occult symbol from his body) and there’s no sign of the boat or their luggage.

Heading back up to the sanatorium they spend a lot of time deciding on which side of the building they should take to approach the generator. They quickly check in on Darlene and learn that they’ve had a visitor – suddenly they feel safer outside and resume their journey. Rounding the back of the building they discover a dessicated cat and an open doorway into the sanatorium (making a mockery of any door locking activity). They make their way to the outhouse and generator, locate the fuel, discover that an axe is missing, successfully refuel and restart the generator.

About to return to the main building they hear once more terrible screaming and sinister chanting from somewhere on the island as well as a distant red glow. The investigators decide that they will confront the threat head on and travel into the woods towards the source of the terrifying noise. 20 minutes later they emerge from the woods and discover a sacrificial rock complete with the butchered remains of two men – who they learn to be James Shelly (bird-watching student) and Colonel Billings (senile patriot and sanatorium inmate). They then decide to follow the road around the island and back to the sanatorium – looking to discover anything out of the ordinary. The next thing they encounter is James Shelly’s wrecked campsite and the nearby ship wreck (recovering a journal and gun). They then come across a disused lighthouse but are unable to explore all its floors (deciding that caution is the wisest course of action). They then arrive back at the main building.

Once they are back inside the lit sanatorium they decide to conduct a thorough search of the building, starting with the basement. Down below they discover a number of utility rooms, a staff sleeping quarter, and the special patients’ rooms. They find the mad poet, Allen Harding, wounded in his cell, seemingly delirious, a strange and familiar symbol painted in blood on his wall. They successfully treat him for his wounds but their attempts to learn anything from him are futile as he is currently too deranged to undergo the professor’s psychotherapy session. The group then decide to finish up searching the building and locate the laundry room where they discover a dying woman with terrible wounds – all these shocks and the pressure of the situation are beginning to tell on the investigators as Dr Freeman and the professor both begin to suffer from the toll on their sanity (suffering temporary paranoia and a form of schizophrenia respectively).




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