Mansions of Madness

Mr Corbitt - Part 4

"We are the worst investigators, ever!"


Herbert receives a call from Alfred Spitz’s twin bother – Sid, who wants to come to town to help clear his incarcerated brother’s name. His arrival is arranged for midday of the next day. Herbert notes that Bernard’s car is gone. He shortly has a nice meal which includes one of Corbitt’s specially treated tomato. Within an hour Herbert’s stakeout is disturbed by terrifying visions as the soma kicks in. He is fortunate enough to maintain enough cool to stay within the confines of his own house but it’s several hours later before he comes too cowering in a closet, naked and covered in his own excrement, .

Perkins is slowly becoming crazed by his experiences and has come to believe in magic. He convinces an unsure Gray to come with him to the university library and they spend the afternoon researching the geography and mythology of the Punjab region.

Dorothy continues to lead a very straight forward working life and spends most of her spare time in her boarding house.

Burns heads off in the middle of the night to conduct some grave robbing. The degenerate ex-PI breaks into the cemetery and digs up Lynn Meyer’s corpse, relieving it of a treasured book of poetry and her wedding rings. He spends the majority of the next day recovering from his physical labour by sleeping.

After showering, Herbert decides to take advantage of Corbitt’s absence and sneaks across to the rear of his neighbours house and breaks in. He heads down into the basement and discovers Bernard’s laboratory and its strange contents. Herbert’s exploration is disturbed by the presence of Corbitt’s pet – a hideous experiment. The woman-thing is cornered in the master bedroom and a brief tussle ensues. Herbert wounds the creature and decides to make good his escape while he still can and heads back to his own house. A more thorough search of Corbett’s house and a successful spot hidden in the laboratory would have revealed all of Bernard’s story and his plans to aid his dark benefactor – Yog Sothoth.

Herbert attempts to solve the issue by calling the police but makes the mistake of admitting his identity; unfortunately Herbert no longer has any credit or standing with the authorities who have grown tired of his recent outrageous actions.

Perkins arrives home tired and happy after an enjoyable day of research and a lovely meal with Gray. He has a chat with his wife who informs him of her very typical day of juggling household chores and looking after the kids. In fact the only difference to her day was the visit of a pleasant but rather insistent salesman – who was actually Bernard blagging access to Perkins’ house so that he could steal a pair of socks for use in a malicious spell. Tiring of the banal chat Perkins heads off to the kitchen to get himself a drink when he is suddenly stricken by intense and incapacitating pain (the results of Bernard’s Wrack spell – this is a direct consequence of Perkins having given Victor Meyer his business card). A terrified Mrs Perkins calls an ambulance and her husband is subsequently carted away to hospital.

It’s Wednesday and the first order of the day is a house showing at Herbert’s. After the showing Herbert notices that the realtor then calls over at Corbitt’s house. Several of the investigators, including Sid Spitz, arrive at Herbert’s place and there’s an attempt to formulate a plan of action following his night foray and discoveries – they agree that another visit during the night is in order. Sid is not too convinced by the crazy talk that Herbert gives him. They then observe the realtor return and place a “for sale” sign outside Corbitt’s house.

Gray visits Perkins in hospital and once again enjoys sabotaging a fellow investigator; he alerts the medical staff to Perkin’s belief in magic and his persecution of a colleague’s neighbour. The doctor is troubled by what he hears and decides that he will keep Perkins in the hospital for a string of physical and psychological tests to determine the exact nature of the man’s problems.

Unfortunately for the investigators Corbitt has been severely shaken at having come home last night to discover his house burgled and his pet injured. He is thankful that his secret is still safe but has decided that the investigators’ attention is now too intense and that it presents an intolerable risk to his plans. He has decided to move to another town and in the meantime he intends to keep a constant watch over his house in case another attempt to break in is made (he has armed himself with both magic and a shotgun).

The three investigators who are present at Herbert’s house are dismayed to find that Corbitt is still in; their plans to explore Corbitt’s house are ruined. Burns is angered but decides to come up with an alternative plan – he realises that they haven’t investigated the greenhouse. He manages to sneak unobserved into the greenhouse and spends over an hour thoroughly exploring the contents. Felix notes that there are plants from all over the world, many of which are narcotics, and that two of the plants appear to be “not of this earth”. He is so wrapped up in his search that he fails to notice one of these alien plants vector in on him and release its spores. Burns breathes in the alien spores and quickly suffers excruciating pain that blackens his skin. Terrified and in agony he flees back to Herbert’s house.

The whole debacle of an investigation started in Herbert’s front room and ironically that’s where it ends. Burns comes crashing into the front room, screaming in agony as his skin relentlessly blackens and splits open. Herbert and Sid immediately call an ambulance and watch in horror as Burns dies a hideous death right in front of their eyes. By the time the paramedics arrive Burns is just a brown mass of sludge on the carpet. The first responders are confused by the strange scene and distraught people before them. Corbitt observes the commotion from across the street and decides that this is the most opportune moment to strike – once again he casts the Wrack spell (using a tie stolen from Herbert’s house the week before). Herbert is busy trying to convince the paramedics that the large mass of brown sludge was once a human being when he is struck by the same debilitating and blinding pain that had incapacitated Perkins the previous night. The paramedics at last have a viable casualty to transport to hospital. Left alone in the strange house, Sid decides he has had enough horror and craziness for a lifetime and jumps into his car and races back to New York, never to return.

And so ends the adventure. Highly amusing but hopelessly inept. Dorothy is arguably the only investigator who manages to survive intact – she continues her career as a PI, unmarked by the mythos. Gray decides to move away to Boston to start all over – just as well as all his fellow investigators hate him. Herbert and Perkins are both sectioned for a year as authorities decide to remove these bothersome individuals from circulation; they will both regain their freedom but their careers are in tatters and they are haunted by their experiences and memories for the rest of their lives – Perkins however does manage to avoid the burglary and attempted murder charge by reason of insanity. Alfred Spitz is not so lucky; Corbitt subsequently attends the trial and gives testimony, resulting in Spitz being imprisoned and serving 7 years in prison – life is never the same for him following his eventual release.

Corbitt has to suffer the annoyance and unpleasance of leaving his home town but manages to set up his operation in a nearby state. He successfully raises Man-Bagari – the bridge, and many innocents die……thanks to the investigators and their reckless actions.

Hail Yog Sothoth!




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