Stanford Wright

A courageous war veteran turned antique dealer


Stanford is a rather dour and no nonsense indiviual that can often seem either very to the point or blunt at times.
Stan is above average height with neat brown hair as well as a trimmed and groomed mustache and piercing green eyes. He will generally be seen wearing a tweed jacket and suit vest combo, although he has been known to wear simple dress shirts when the situation is more casual.


Stanford had a very troubled childhood, when Stanford was 8 years old his father was horribly maimed and permenantly crippled in a factory accident. From that point on the family was incredibly poor, with his mother doing work on the side while caring for her children. Stanford was forced to work to support his mother and father, doing various jobs in factories, plantations and construction sites over the years as well as attending school. This continued for almost a decade until both his mother and father died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning in their home.
At was that this point when he was freed from the responsiblity of supporting his parents that Stanford began to study history at the university of missouri which was his real passion. After completing his studies Stanford was drafted to fight in the great war. Luckily Stanford survived the war, although he was haunted by the things he saw during the war losing a lot of his ambition as well as his positive, peppy attitude. Directionless he eventually drifted into the antique buisness where over the years he has encountered all sorts of wierd and wonderful curios

Stanford Wright

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