Hudson Pratt

An intelligent and sensitive artist who seeks to capture beauty but is confronted by the uglye


Hudson is a short man with unruly hair and an often troubled, pondering, ecstatic or wary expression playing on his face. His clothes are often worn or un-ironed due to his attention often being taken up with more lofty considerations such as observing the intrinsic beauty of life and attempting to capture it on canvas.


Hudson is not a rich man – he has forsaken worldly goods and the baggage of a middle class lifestyle in favour of pursuing one of a bohemian artist. he is at the heart of the Providence art scene and manages to scrape a living by selling poetry, photographs and paintings in downtown boutiques. He is a kind and sensitive man and is very observant – frequently spotting things that pass most people by unnoticed. He can also be occasionally moody but is at heart a good egg.

The unfortunate artist received several severe injuries very early on during his adventure at the plantation and after having spent a considerable amount of time resting up to gain a little recuperation he was to meet a grisly end at the beaks of the serpent sorceress’ mindless homunculi deep in the bowels of the earth. His mutilated body was never recovered.

Hudson Pratt

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