Dale Bateman

Young and bold - Dale may not know much but he doesn't hang around


A well built and athletic young man of 19 years with handsome features and a natty haircut. Dale is smartly turned out and is often seen cutting around campus in his college blazer or else in his sports kit. He is very physical and fit – anyone would think twice before tangling with him.


Dale is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s not dumb either. His greatest attribute are his physical prowess – he can run, jump and climb with ease and is brave too. He doesn’t think twice about grappling with an opponent or a bad guy. Dale is at Providence University on a sports scholarship which means he is obliged to attend some academic classes as well; one of those classes are Professor Andrews’ Psychology 101 class.

Dale behaved recklessly and impetuously during the recent adventure at the plantation and did not ingratiate himself with his professor and the rest of the group when he abandoned them in their hour of need. Unfortunately his subsequent encounter with a Great Old One proved to be a life changing event as he was transformed into a Child of Yig and now resides in the dark recesses of the earth awaiting the call to do his new master’s bidding.

Dale Bateman

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