Chet Baker

Plucky and inquisitive investigator - he just keeps digging till he discovers the truth


Chet is of medium height and build and is fairly non-descript; which is perfect for being a reporter. He always wears a smart working suit and a rain coat. His shoes are always shined, and he always wears a tie. A thoroughly respectable member of the community – anyone can see that.


Chet is not a staid academic, he is a diligent and determined reporter who uses all means to get to the bottom of a story and obtain a scoop for The Herald. He is meticulous in his planning and doggedly determined in his investigations. He will often use his wiles and experience to get himself and others out of a difficult situation or gain access to the people and places he needs to get to.

Chet has recently survived the adventure at the plantation and in doing so has increased his Cthulhu and Occult knowledge. He is also now the servant of the Father of Serpents – Yig, and possesses several spells related to his new master.

Chet Baker

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