• Albert Andrews

    Albert Andrews

    An astute and charasmatic adademic. The natural leader of the group.
  • Chet Baker

    Chet Baker

    Plucky and inquisitive investigator - he just keeps digging till he discovers the truth
  • Dale Bateman

    Dale Bateman

    Young and bold - Dale may not know much but he doesn't hang around
  • Eileen Mayer

    Eileen Mayer

    Smart thinking student of languages
  • Ezekial Algernon

    Ezekial Algernon

    Paranormal Investigator
  • Hudson Pratt

    Hudson Pratt

    An intelligent and sensitive artist who seeks to capture beauty but is confronted by the uglye
  • Hugo Yackman

    Hugo Yackman

    A master of illusions and common magic, Hugo now seeks to advance his skills and look into the use of black magic and the occult!
  • Michael Winston

    Michael Winston

    Member of the Comunist Party with a horrifying past and a fear of spiders.
  • Ravi Ebbestol

    Ravi Ebbestol

    Absent-minded, acclaimed neurologist and assiduous reader
  • Stanford Wright

    Stanford Wright

    A courageous war veteran turned antique dealer
  • “Fliss” Felicity Thisbe St. John-Forsyte

    “Fliss” Felicity Thisbe St. John-Forsyte

    A wealthy socialite always looking for new diversions.