Mansions of Madness

The Plantation - Part 1

Session 1

Albert Andrews – Professor of Psychology, Chet Baker – Journalist, Dale Bateman – Student & Hudson Pratt – Artist, are all traveling from Providence RI to Arkham as the Professor is due to give a guest lecture at Miskatonic University the next day.

As they drive through the town a young black boy darts out into the road and is knocked down. the boy is suffering from an injured leg. Upon talking to him they learn that he is from a plantation down in South Carolina and that his sister has been kidnapped. The boy – Joe, convinces them to take him to Professor Albert Gist who is the brother of the plantation owner – Caleb Gist.

They meet at Professor Gist’s house and learn from the southern gentleman that his wayward brother is dabbling in voodoo-black magic. The student goes wandering on his own round the back of the house and gets promptly clubbed and knocked unconscious. Suddenly shots are fired into the house and an assailant barges in and tries to abduct Joe. The group singularly fail to stop the intruder but fortunately Professor Gist lands a powerful blow and frees the boy. After the attack the police come and statements are taken. Professor Gist persuades the group to accompany him south.

The group travel south by train, all the time aware their every move is being watched by strange southern folk. During the journey a massive zombie bursts into the carriage and begins to systematically throw the investigators out of the moving train window. Fortunately the quick thinking reporter pulls the stop chain, since the zombie succeeds in throwing most of them out; the artist receives a bad head injury – but once again Professor Gist saves the day and lands a powerful blow with a rifle butt and caves the creature’s skull in. Another chat with the law follows but eventually they arrive in Charleston where they spend the night.

The next day the Journalist does some background checks at the library and learns more about the dark religion of the former-slaves and a recent murder of a detective connected to the Gist plantation. Professor Gist’s friend, Elihu arrives with his brand new car and takes the group to the plantation. On the way they stop off at the sheriff’s office in Walterboro and Professor Gist informs the lawman that he is returning home for the next couple of days with the group.

They refuel at the general store and meet Reverend Hilson who is vehemently against the unholy practices that take place at the plantation. He warns the group not to go there. Joe leaves the group and says he will be back in touch and that his shack is the one with the blue door. The group then leaves the store and travel onwards until they reach the bridge and discover that some of the spans have been removed. As soon as the car comes to a halt shots ring out. The artist is hit again and suffers more damage to his tender noggin. Elihu receives a bad hit to the arm. The student returns fire. Suddenly there is silence. Two of the group quickly set about repairing the bridge while the other two cower in fear in the car; clearly things are taking a toll and they are beginning to fear for their safety. Brave Professor Gist ventures forward to discover the origin of the gunfire and discovers the body of the assailant. He is joined by the reporter and student who notice that the corpse is already turning black and the cause of death appears to be two puncture marks on the calf.




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