Mansions of Madness

The Sanatorium - Part 3

All the pieces fall into place


The group debate what their next steps should be as dawn finally arrives. The good Doctor, despite his paranoia, advices everyone to take a shot of Benzedrine in order to avoid the necessity of sleep. He then wisely sets about administering to the needs of the surviving patients while Eileen shuts herself away in the library to make a concerted effort to translate the Castro manuscript. The Prof and Chet decide to make themselves useful and make breakfast for everyone but are attacked by deranged Blanche, who is fortunately not so deft with a kitchen knife. The prof loses it and near beats the old lady to death while Chet flounders around uselessly with his butter fingers. The Doc rushes to the old lady’s aid and manages to get her away to safety.

There is a brief search of the island once more and an Elder Sign is found riveted to the keel of the wrecked clipper and removed by the professor. Most of the day is spent with Eileen repeatedly trying to make sense of the manuscript and the Doc and Prof attempting to psychoanalyze the special patients. After many hours of unsuccessful attempts the investigators finally make some ground. Eileen learns from the Castro manuscript that “Those Who Wait” appeared in the land of the Pharaohs and visited destruction until they were confronted and destroyed by the priestess Annephis of the Temple of Bast. “TWW” moved by night, fearing Ra, and also shunned the rushing water. Annephis drove the creatures into the Nile using special stones that she carried.

The Prof and Doc spend considerable time with Allen Harding, the mad poet, and learn that he has summoned an entity through the gate on his cell wall and that it intends to devour everyone. Moving on to treat Darlene they manage to regress her through her previous lives and reach her incarnation as Annephis who then tells them they must drive the entity into the sea using the power of the Elder Sign.

Once more it is time to give the patients their medication and the group make the decision to move everyone downstairs for safety and to daub the doorways with the protective Elder Sign. Blanche is resistant to the investigator’s efforts and is forcibly sedated and moved downstairs but upon returning for Carla they find her cell door open and the room empty. Putting two and two together the group rush off to the sacrificial rock. As they approach the ominous place they see Carla being led towards the rock by the insane attendant, Charles Johnson. The group fires shots at Johnson and he calmly turns and walks towards them with his axe. The investigator’s keep firing but keep missing and finally Johnson reaches Chet and raises his axe…………




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