Mansions of Madness

The Plantation - Part 3

Session 3

The group decide that they will explore outside further but before they can leave the house Caleb returns. He is surprised and angered to find them still present. He warns them to remain inside the house for the rest of the night before locking himself in his room. The investigators quickly determine that the crafty plantation owner has snuck outside and that the assembled crowd has moved off into the night. They decide to follow but upon opening the front and back doors they come under fire. No sooner has the gunfire started then it stops and they discover that an unearthly large serpent has killed their assailants.

About to resume their journey in pursuit of the cult procession they are confronted by a deranged Elihu who has also made the mistake of asking Elly for a Mint Julep. Under the spell of the love potion he does his mistress’ bidding and stabs Professor Andrews in the arm and immediately attacks the others. Dale manages to land a solid crack on Elihu’s head with his rifle butt yet before the fight can commence further they are saved again by the huge serpent which strikes Elihu swiftly and lethally.

The group quickly race in pursuit of the procession once more via the sharecropper’s village and decide to check on Joe’s cabin en-route. In doing so they are confronted by the deceased boy and his zombie mother and a savage fight for survival ensues. Dale’s cowardice sends him fleeing in terror and he leaves his companions to face the threat alone. The zombie’s inflict terrible injuries to the remaining men and they come close to death. Fortunately they manage to subdue their attackers just in time with well aimed blows and pistol shots.

Bloodied and battered, except Dale (who has returned to face his companion’s ire and insults), the group finally catch up to the procession and follow it into the swamps until they arrive at a large clearing. They behold an awful sight and it is Dale who first realises that what they are involved in has nothing to do with Obeah or Dambala and this is soon confirmed by cries and praise to Yig – The Father of Serpents. The crowd of snake worshippers behold their priest, Caleb, atop of a monstrous granite altar. Amongst them walks Elly, the snake priestess, and the Serpent Man (The emissary). They also see that Joe’s sister, Cassy, is chained to the altar.

As the obscene ceremony commences the investigators witness a number of the attendant cultists suddenly being snatched from beneath the ground. The investigators remember what they were instructed to do by the emissary and quickly decide to follow the path of the hell-holes down into the bowels of the earth. As they filter one by one into the ground the professor and the artist witness the brutal sacrifice of Cassy at Caleb’s hands.

The group finally emerge into a dark cavern and are quickly greeted by screams and cries of distress from somewhere in the darkness ahead. They venture forth, determined to face the danger head on and are met with a terrible sight. In the large central chamber of a massive subterraneous temple they spot the abducted cultists being ripped and torn apart by the soulless reptilian homunculi of the ageless serpent sorceress, S’ssruxxa. Offended by the sight the reporter and artist venture forward but not before the impulsive student fires his rifle at the minor deity. Enraged, she responds with a powerful Mind Blast that sends Dale to the brink of madness. More homunculi emerge to protect their creator and they tear the artist apart before the others’ eyes. They are all about to meet the same awful fate when a surging carpet of snakes suddenly overwhelms the entire chamber and the awful and powerful great old one – Yig, materialises onto the earthly plane.

A titan struggle between the great old one and the minor deity ensues and the surviving group members find themselves transported to a dream realm to witness the mating of Yig with his unwilling bride. The sorceress is killed in instantaneous child birth and before Yig departs with his young he passes judgment and bestows his blessings on the investigators. Chet, the reporter, has been the most loyal and is duly anointed as a follower of Yig and receives power and spells as well as the bonds of protection from the serpent god. The professor has also played his part well and receives a boon. The wayward student however is not so lucky. Yig is undeceived by Dale’s feeble denials and turns the young man into a Child of Yig – a huge serpent. Dale slithers off into the dark depths never to be seen or heard from again.

Chet and Professor Andrews emerge back to the surface and make their way back to the manor house to be greeted by Professor Albert Gist who informs them of everything that transpired that night, including the death of his brother by the arrival of Yig. Buoyed at having survived the terrible night the two investigators take the train back north to safety and to face the unsuccessful enquiries of Dale’s worried parents.




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