Mansions of Madness

Mr Corbitt - Part 3

"There is a time to laugh and a time not to laugh, and this is not one of them."


The investigation resumes on Saturday afternoon. The investigators meet in a city park to discuss the new information and to formulate a plan of action. Herbert informs everyone that he is convinced that Corbitt is definitely involved in something unsavory and that they had all better find evidence of it in order to vindicate themselves and get their lives back. Herbert says that he recalls that Corbitt always leaves his house early Sunday afternoon in his car and returns several hours later – the group agrees that they will tail him using Gladys as all the investigators are known to Corbitt.

The next day Felix Burns collects Gladys from home after church; it turns out that Felix and Gladys have been having an affair for some time which enables Felix to recruit Gladys’ help with the assistance of Dorothy (some excellent roleplaying was done by Tim and Murray; well done guys). Felix drives to the end of Corbitt’s street and waits for movement. Perkins and Gray make their own way to the stakeout in the former’s car. Corbitt duly leaves his house at 1300 and is skillfully followed by the staggered convoy of investigator’s cars. Herbert maintains his cover by staying behind and doing some gardening. Dorothy visits the office to conduct research and locate Lynn Meyer’s parents.

Corbitt drives to the city dump, gets out of his car and is seen rummaging around the trash for almost an hour before he finds and retrieves two canvas bags similar to the ones he had last Sunday. The investigators manage to observe this but come perilously close to being discovered – fortunately having Gladys with them turns out to be a most fortunate move on their part. Corbitt is seen returning home by Herbert shortly after and the basement light goes on once more. The investigators who tailed Corbitt conduct a thorough search of the dump to see if anything else is there and manage to find a piggy bank and a broken toaster which can be easily fixed (mmmm, toast! :-P). Gladys is left sitting in the car for ages and eventually walks home in disgust.

Burns informs Herbert of Corbitt’s actions and then contacts Dorothy for the location of Lynn Meyer’s grave – the investigator’s have their wires crossed as Dorothy has located Meyer’s parents’ address which she gives to Burns. Burns also discovers that his wife has left him, taking their young son with her – she has had enough of his recent strange and violent behaviour. Herbert arrives at Burns’ house and is mystified and suspicious when Burns appears holding a spade, wittering on about his “missing” wife and suggesting that they dig up a suburban house (Lynn Meyer’s parents’ place).

It’s Monday and Gladys and Dorothy go to work – because they still have jobs, unlike everyone else. Perkins and Gray follow the agreed plan and spend the day researching Corbitt in the library. Unlike Burns both these investigators can actually read and manage to uncover two articles by closing time. One article reveals that Corbitt’s father was killed by bandits when they were both traveling in India – his body was never recovered. The other article concerns a professional nurse called Mona Dunlap who witnessed the tragic birth of Corbitt’s child and the subsequent death of the mother; the article reveals that the nurse was hospitalised at the city sanitarium. It’s too late to follow up on the new leads so Gray and Perkins head over to interview Lynn Meyer’s parents (amusingly most of the investigators refuse to allow Herbert and Burns to conduct the interview due to their previous poor performance together). Perkins leads the interview telling a bewildered Victor Meyer that they have been unable to get into contact with Corbitt in regards to a missing persons case. Victor can only tell him that Bernard was always a loving husband and a decent member of the community and they rarely hear from him anymore. To convince Victor to talk to them Perkin’s gave his business card to him and the older man assured the investigators that he would let Corbitt know that they had called!

The next day Perkins and Gray finally inform the rest of the investigators of what they have found and learned so far. They then head over to the city hospital to find out what they can about Mona Dunlap. After managing to convince the reception nurse of their legitimacy and a brief interview with a doctor the pair learn that there wasn’t any need to go to the hospital at all and they actually needed to go to the sanitarium. An hour later they arrive at the required location and once again go through a very familiar process of convincing a reception nurse of their legitimacy before having a brief interview with a doctor(!) This time however they learn that Mona died very shortly after admission and that the doctor still clearly remembers the case due to its oddness. Mona’s last words spoke of another son, hideously disfigured being born. The investigators now know that Lynn Meyer’s gave birth to twins before she died and that one of them survived.

This episode closes shortly after midday on Tuesday with Burns failing to convince Gladys to accompany him to the city cemetery with the intention of checking out Lynn Meyer’s grave; Perkins and Gray want to conduct some research into Indian mythology at the University library; Dorothy continues to work peacefully at Eagle Bond; Herbert Crance meanwhile ponders what all the information may mean and what their next move should be….

Burns_and_Gladys.jpg (Burns and Gladys out on a date)



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