Mansions of Madness

Mr Corbitt - Part 2

More like The Apprentice - Part 2


It’s a new day (Tuesday) and Dorothy and Burns manage to turn up to work where the boss convenes an office meeting and states that if the investigators get into anymore trouble they will be fired. He asks where Gray is but no one knows.

Crance decides to calm down a little but blows his phone call on Corbitt (who’s not in to take it). Crance’s lawyer advises him to plead guilty to the breaking and entering charge which he does in the afternoon, receiving a $100 fine. He returns home and phones the boss, informing him of his intention to quit and move to New York. The boss puts him on a fortnight’s sick leave and has Gladys collect Crance’s license and gun.

Gray makes a call to the office and Gladys relays to the boss that the junior detective has been arrested. The police interview Gray and issue him with a caution and instruct him to stay away from Corbitt’s street. Upon his return to the office Gray receives a reprimand and final warning from the boss.

Perkins, now with lots of spare time on his hands, decides to go to the doctor to get a medical opinion on what has caused his injuries. The doctor is at a loss to find the cause. Perkins then spends the rest of the day in the library searching for the possible cause, happening upon books on medicine, poisons, animals and magic. Perkins decides to study books on magic (taking out fives books) but learns nothing.

Dororthy spends most of the day working quietly to keep up appearances before slipping away to visit the library. She conducts a search on missing persons and children in the county over the last five years and learns that only a single adult is missing and there is no connection to Corbitt.

Burns escapes the office on the pretext of conducting case related field work and heads over to City Hall and the public records. His search of the indexes reveals that Corbitt was born in Providence and has always lived there, inheriting his house from his late father who died 14 years ago. He also learns that Corbitt is a widower – his wife seemingly dying in child birth some 10 years ago. He also learns that Corbitt has his own horticultural import/export business registered to his home address.

Burns heads downtown to the dancehalls to find out if anyone knows of Corbitt. It appears no one does. He pays a underworld source, Fat Tony, $10 to go ask some questions around town for him. Burns is joined by Gray and the uneasy pair agree to put aside their differences and conduct a joint investigation. Burns wants to know more about Corbitt’s business and decides that the docks are a good place to try. They locate and gain entry into a dockside speak-easy and proceed to question the rough-looking dockers about Corbitt (Burns pays a complete stranger $5 to ask questions about Corbitt around the docks). The dockers smell a rat – two well-healed gentlemen reeking of the establishment and who are not drinking are asking questions about someone and flashing money around. The couple leave the speak-easy none the wiser; on the walk back to the car they are jumped (by some of the dockers) and Gray is knocked out cold. The group surround Burns with cudgels and knives – there is no possibility of drawing a gun; Burns decides that he will feign fainting and sinks to the ground. The muggers strip both investigators of their licenses, guns, wallets, money, keys, watches and in Burns’ case, his shoes too. The muggers then flee into the night leaving Burns to summon help for his unconscious colleague. An ambulance eventually arrives, picking Gray up out of a puddle of his own blood and urine and takes him to hospital. Burns hot wires his own car and drives home to cry himself to sleep.

Herbert Crance makes arrangements to sell his house and spends the next few days staking out Corbitt’s house from his front room. Crance is in a bad way but refuses to eat and rest properly, determined to spot anything unusual. Corbitt is observed going into his basement regularly and occasionally leaves the house in his car for a few hours at a time.

The next day dawns and Burns phones in to say that he will not be in till later as he has been mugged. the boss takes the phone from Gladys and learns that Burns is still pursuing Corbitt and fires the senior detective. Burns tells the boss to shove his job and drops Gray in the do-do as a parting gift (payback!).

Gray spends the whole of the day in hospital and only manages to make a call to the office in the afternoon. He is clumsy in his explanation to Gladys and she duly reports to the boss that Gray was beaten up while investigating Corbitt with Burns. The boss sighs and tells Gladys that Gray is fired. Dororthy relays the news when she visits Gray at the hospital later.

As the week progresses Crance continues his obsessive surveillance of his neighbour, Spitz is rotting in jail, Dorothy (the only investigator who still has a job!) keeps her head down and tries to get her work rep back, Perkins has no cause to investigate further and spends his time recovering from his injuries at home. Gray also recuperates at home. Only Burns actively pushes on – driven by his irrational hatred of Corbitt (all his trouble started when someone thought they saw Corbitt drop a child’s arm – since then his life has come crashing down around him) he decides to follow up on the information he has already gleaned and research it at the library. The problem is that Burns is an old school detective who is most at home talking to sources, following people and fighting – he is absolutely clueless at conducting his own research, barely knowing how to read, even what books are or how to use a library. All this is born out by him spending the rest of the week (3 solid days!) going through the newspaper archives and turning up nothing at all (six consecutive failing rolls! what a player!). The library closes Saturday evening and as if by an act of god (or perhaps a weary Keeper who can’t bare the thought of two whole sessions passing by without a single player handout being found) Burns stumbles upon a obituary for Corbitt’s late wife – Lynn Meyers.

Jubilant at his find, Burns rings Herbert Crance and discusses his find. Herbert quickly mulls the information over and decides that they should locate Meyer’s parents and interview them to find out what they can about Corbitt. The pair also have the amazing idea that if they have unearthed one clue at the library then perhaps more can be found there. They decide that they will contact Gray and Perkins (who can both actually read, are familiar with books, and know what a library is) and get them to conduct the research down at the library.

Last week’s questions have now been answered: 1) Yes 2) Probably not 3) No, and 4) Unlikely.

There is now a new question: Is CoC designed to make the Keeper go insane for real?




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